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Each podcast is a presentation of a single problem that will help you stretch your imagination and critical thinking skills before you start problem solving. The problems are formulated to not have a single “correct” answer but to give you the opportunity to have an open discourse on different approaches to a solution.

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Launch Pad Problems #29 - Fix a Traffic Jam


Today we tackle the problem we have all experienced, fixing a local traffic jam. It's important to pick a local traffic jam because it connects your team to the problem and you can see how a personal connection affects the solutions brought forward.

For the second half of the show we have an email solution from listener John answering LPP #20 how to load a plane, and while his answer may not meet some hidden constraints, it may work for today's show too.

Here are ways to give feedback in the second half of the show:

  1. slack - http://lpp.soapboxrocket.com/slacksignup
  2. email
  3. twitter - @soapboxrocket



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